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Family Resource Center

Last Updated: 11/20/2023 2:42 PM


Menifee County Family Resource Center   
Making a Difference one child at a time


Jessica Hale: Family Resource Coordinator
Menifee Central
359 Wynn Flatt Rd
Frenchburg, Ky 40322


Hello, my name is Jessica Hale and I am the Menifee County Family Resource Center Coordinator at Menifee Elementary K-5 and Botts Elementary K-5.  I graduated from Montgomery County in 1997 and from Morehead State University in 2005 with a bachelors degree in University Studies.   I currently reside in Menifee County with my husband Gary Hale and my daughter Shelby Grace Hale and Gavin Clay.




Along with being a coordinator here is a list of community involvements:

*Chair of Early Childhood Council
*Sponsor for Unite Club
*4-H Council
*Unite Coalition
*Sponsor for Guardian Support Group
*Active member of PTO at Botts Elementary and Menifee Elementary
*Menifee County Community Theater Group
*FRYSC Coalition
*Long Term Recovery Team

FRC Mission:

To enhance students' ability to succeed in school by 
developing and sustaining partnerships that promote:

*Early learning and successful transition to school;
*Academic achievement and well-being; and
*Graduation and transition into adult life.

FRC Vision:

The Kentucky Division of Family Resource and Youth Service Centers in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services shall establish the national standard of excellence in the provision of school-based family support.

Areas Addressed:

Preschool Child Care
After School Child Care
Families in Training
Family Literacy
Health Services or Referrals
Academic Support and well being of students

Some specific services:

Sleep Tight Bed Program
*Unite Club
*Early Childhood Council
*Summer programs
*Community Baby Shower
*Basic Needs
*Educational Support
*Home Visits
*Grandparent Support
*Classroom Guidance
*Resource Links
Menifee Early Childhood Council
Unite Club
Menifee Elementary