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Queen: Morgan Wells
Princess: Haley Ferrell
Duchess: Payton Centers
Marquesa: Jaylyn Brown

Emily Riley- Regional High Individual

Caleb Cornwell

Harley Donathan

Logan Hurt

Colton Rudd

Aiden Burden MCHS FBLA - Arts and Eats Clean Up Crew MCHS HOSA - Relay for Life Please be safe and keep children safe!

Welcome To Menifee County High School

Menifee County High School: We Are Menifee! Vision: MCHS students are empowered to competently and successfully transition into post-secondary or career opportunities. Mission: Enable ALL students through collaboration, critical thinking, and instructional rigor, to develop enduring life skills. Beliefs: A good education will pull kids out of poverty and make an impact in our community We are life-long learners, LEARN from your mistakes Every MCHS student can learn at high levels Personalized education to meet the learning needs of all students “

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