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Copeland, Dana - Students had several activities of their guitar final to show what they had learned on throughout the semester.  Students had to show they could read tabs, notes, and a capo chart, and chords by performing on their guitar. - Guitar

 Youth Service Center distributes monthly newsletters to students on upcoming events, special news, recognitions, etc.

 School highlights such as events, news and special recognition are reports to the local newspaper weekly.  Content is handled from Lori Franklin at Central Office or the Journalism class


Copeland, Dana - Students are assessed in their knowledge of the Renaissance Era and on reading  notes and rhythms through the use of a power point and Ipads.  The PowerPoint test is located on the teacher website, Music Theory/learning, test. - Guitar

Sallaz, Jeneen - Art -Sample of project rubric that demonstrates grade is based on individual effort, skills and following of instructions.

tudents and parents have access to school website, teacher's websites, and infinite campus portal to check grades, missing assignments and lessons.

Adkins, Brian - Dance Assessment Rubric - Health & PE
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